For the first time in Eastern Europe Juval Lowy’s Architect’s Master Class

Speaker: Juval Lowy
When: 12-16 September, 2011
Place: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Price: 2750 EUR (VAT not included)
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Juval’s unique approach on Software Architecture and the Architect’s role, as well as his personal insight and availability to answer your questions, is now within reach!

Juval has a unique approach on Software Architecture(link), which any professional Senior Developer or Architect can benefit. Due to his involvment in the design of the .NET Framework and the Windows Communication Foundation, Juval is one of the world experts in these technologies. Through his professional
experience with customers all over the world, his tested methods and unique insights, can bring you an enormous amount of value and a toolset which may otherwise take years to develop. Getting these insights from a world renowend architect is perhaps one of the best ways to acquire knowledge without putting
your projects to unnecessary risks.

Benefits for you

– Learn from one of the best Software Architects in the world
– Have your questions answered by an authority in the field
– Peer interaction and networking with fellow architects
– One week full focus on learning
– Access to a wealth of proven skills, tools and techniques

Benefits for your company

– Commitment and focus on the development process and quality
– A relationship with top thinkers in the industry
– Proven methods to better results
– Less effort and trial projects just for a chance to reach the same insights
– Team engagement and motivation

About Juval Lowy

– Software Architect: Consults and trains on .NET architecture and technology
– Microsoft’s Regional Director for the Silicon Valley
– Recent book: Programming WCF Services 3rd Edition (2010 O’Reilly)
– Participates in the .NET / WCF design reviews
– Publishes at MSDN and other magazines
– Speaker at the major international development conferences
– Recognized Software Legend by Microsoft
– Contact at

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