This autumn starts at RABS with Peter Leeson.

On September 24th, we invite you to a public talk and Q&A session titled: “Intelligent Evolution – Part 2: Darwinian Management”.

Title: Intelligent Evolution – Part 2: Darwinian Management

Abstract: Within an organization, the concept of revolution rarely works. The idea of throwing out everything that was done previously and replacing it with some new management theory or work practice does not necessarily lead to the expected results. Instead, it leads to demotivation of the skilled staff and the rapid departure of the most skilled, experienced and valuable staff members.

Progress within an organization needs to be based on the concept of improvement rather than innovation whenever possible, taking the good things, the experience of the successful people, who have been doing their work successfully for many years and using that as a seed for growing the new practices and work environment.

Peter Leeson is an old friend of our association and we are honoured by his openness in response to our invitation to dialogue on the topics above. He has a 40 year long career in software development and is currently a visiting scientist la Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA). He is also an internationally recognised speaker, consultant and process appraiser. Presently, he is not only a certified CMMI lead appraiser, but also does quality assurance and development work in improving and rewriting the various courses of the CMMI Institute.

Peter’s name is already familiar for those of us who attended his presentation at ITCamp 2013 and RABS Guest Session in 2012 in Cluj. He promises to deliver his newest thoughts in the same engaging manner we are used to see.

Time & date: September 24th, 2013; 17:30-21:00

Place: Hotel City Plaza, Sindicatelor 9-11, Cluj-Napoca

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