We are ready to start sharing! How do you see the Architect’s role in a project team? When do you know documentation is just the right amount when it comes to Software Architecture? Is aiming for Agile projects contrary to Architecture principles as we know them?
To get answers and raise more questions, we announce the first public workshop for RABS members and fans. Discussions will be relevant (and enjoyable) to: Senior Software Developers, Software Architects and Solution Architects

1. Welcome
2. The Architect’s Role in the project team
3. Documenting Software Architecture – how much is just enough?
4. Architecture in Agile projects – is there any mismatch?

The workshop will be moderated by RABS members.

Please confirm your participation online here or by e-mail: info@rabs.ro

[Update 2011-06-08]
Summary of the meeting available posted online: