October 17th, you are invited to a new RABS Guest Session!

Relevant for everybody working in software development from kickoff to delivery.

Extremely relevant, if you have ever experienced the real “tension” of working together.

DevOps is about making software better – by bringing everyone involved in software closer together, including (but not limited to): domain experts, architects, developers, designers, testers, security and operations. This session takes you through the DevOps culture, focusing on people, process and tools (in that order).

You’ll learn how to get the conversation started between the teams, how to bring the teams closer together, and how to ultimately become one team (we’re all in this together)! Understanding DevOps is about focusing on what’s important: building and delivering the best software you can.

Richard Campbell has been involved with microcomputers and software since 1977. His career has spanned the industry both on the hardware and software sides, from manufacturing to sales, service, game development, line-of-business software and large scale systems. Today Richard is on the board of directors for Telerik, a leading vendor of development, team productivity, automated testing tools, UI components and content management solutions in the Microsoft space.

He’s a partner in PWOP Productions, creating a variety of multimedia programs including ‘.NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers‘, a podcast produced twice a week for more than 250,000 listeners in 150 countries. In addition he’s the host of ‘RunAs Radio‘, a podcast for the IT Professional using Microsoft technologies.

In the fall of 2011, he helped launch a third podcast called ‘The Tablet Show‘, focused on the emerging tablet and mobile market. Richard is also a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and speaks at conferences around the world.

Richard is at his second visit in Cluj, this year, and we challenge you to help us show him that we are a community worth revisiting!

Time & date: October 17th 2013; 18:00-20:30

Place: Hotel City Plaza (Ballroom Conference room)

Fee: 50 RON (25RON for RABS members)

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