We invite you to a new RABS Guest Session, with Martín Ferrari, Debian Developer, Free Software promoter and a Google ex-employee.

Title: Tales from the Site Reliability Engineering trenches

In recent years, a new concept started to show up in job hires for operations positions: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Spearheaded by Google, the idea is spreading to other big companies that face themselves with the challenge of supporting very complex systems with growth rates that can not be matched by linearly increasing the workforce of the operations team.

In this talk I would like to briefly introduce the core ideas of what is SRE, and what makes it successful; with an emphasis on a few aspects that can be applied to organisations of any size and pedigree:

  • Shared responsibility between developers and SREs for the availability of the service, and other tools to transform the traditional tension between operations and development into an asset.
  • Emphasis on automation, and quotas on operational work, that allow for growing the service faster than the workforce, while making workers happier.
  • Modern monitoring techniques, their usage as tools to measure availability, predict problems, perform forensics, and enforce failure budgets.
  • Designing systems for scale and failure, post-mortems as learning tools, ubiquitous code reviews, rigorous design documents, data-driven decisions, and other concepts that can be applied everywhere at a low cost with excellent results.

Martín Ferrari has been in the industry for over 18 years, some times as a programmer, some times as a systems administrator, and most of the time as both.

Two years after landing the dream job as an SRE for Google, he decided to quit the office life and become a digital nomad, consulting for companies around the globe while on the road.

He is a Debian Developer and a Free Software activist and promoter. He is also on a quest to visit all the pubs in the world.

Time & date: October 19th, 2015, 17:30 – 20.30

Place: Hotel City Plaza, Sindicatelor 9-11, Cluj-Napoca

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