Guest Sessions

Every now and then we hear about experts visiting Cluj. We do our utmost to invite them to share their experience with us. If you know of such people, please help us invite them. Contact us and we’ll try and make it happen.

This is our list of future and past guest sessions:

  • Guest Session - A Data Science evening with Ian Ozsvald & Chris Brown
    date : 11/05/2017
    May 11th, you are invited to a new RABS Guest Session! Relevant for anyone interested in data science, machine learning algorithms and their usage in different industries. Abstract: NHS ventilator Mechanical ventilators are widely used in intensive care. Even two decades ago they were primarily mechanical devices whose "only" task was to inflate the patient’s lung. Recently, however, t...
  • Guest Session - Tales from the SRE trenches, with Martín Ferrari
    date : 19/10/2015
    We invite you to a new RABS Guest Session, with Martín Ferrari, Debian Developer, Free Software promoter and a Google ex-employee. Title: Tales from the Site Reliability Engineering trenches Abstract: In recent years, a new concept started to show up in job hires for operations positions: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Spearheaded by Google, the idea is spreading to other big compan...
  • Expert Session - Risk Management with Peter Leeson
    date : 25/05/2015
    We're thrilled to have Peter Leeson at RABS again with a workshop on Risk Management. On May 25th, we invite you to a workshop on: "Risk Management". Both RABS & IASA Romania as co-organisers would be happy to see you there. Title: Risk Management Abstract: This workshop will briefly introduce to some of the key principles of risk management: how much time and money are you willing to...
  • Guest Session - The Essence of DevOps with Richard Campbell
    date : 17/10/2013
    October 17th, you are invited to a new RABS Guest Session! Relevant for everybody working in software development from kickoff to delivery. Extremely relevant, if you have ever experienced the real “tension” of working together. Abstract: DevOps is about making software better – by bringing everyone involved in software closer together, including (but not limited to): domain experts, arc...
  • Guest Session - Intelligent Evolution – Part 2: Darwinian Management, with Peter Leeson
    date : 24/09/2013
    This autumn starts at RABS with Peter Leeson. On September 24th, we invite you to a public talk and Q&A session titled: "Intelligent Evolution – Part 2: Darwinian Management". Title: Intelligent Evolution – Part 2: Darwinian Management Abstract: Within an organization, the concept of revolution rarely works. The idea of throwing out everything that was done previously and replacing it...
  • Guest Session - Can Process Make You Happy?
    date : 02/08/2012
    We are extremely happy to announce the presence of an international expert among us. Peter Leeson is an international process improvement and management consultant with global experience. He is a visiting scientist with the Carnegie Mellon University, a CMMI certified lead appraiser and instructor. He visited Romania and Cluj several times in the recent years and knows our culture and character...